Ami Bera


U.S. Representative, California’s 7th Congressional District

Representative Bera is a proud supporter of a constitutional amendment that would undo the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

About Representative Bera:

Dr. Ami Bera was elected to represent Sacramento County in November 2012. Born and raised in California, Dr. Bera benefited from public schools, from kindergarten through medical school. Dr. Bera put his degrees to work, practicing medicine in several roles in the Sacramento region and eventually serving Sacramento County as Chief Medical Officer. His election in 2012 makes him the only Indian American Member of Congress and the third Indian American to ever serve.

One of a small number of Democratic physicians in Congress, Dr. Bera is working with organizations like Planned Parenthood and ACOG to advance issues of women’s health and to take a stand against legislative interference in the doctor-patient relationship. As a member of the New Democratic Coalition, he’s part of a team striving to grow the middle class by improving our economy. As Co-Chair of the No Labels Problem Solvers, he’s part of a new bi-partisan movement to bring civility and cooperation back to Congress to make government work. Dr. Bera’s first bill filed, which had bi-partisan support, was “No Budget No Pay,” which simply says if Congress doesn’t pass a budget they shouldn’t get paid.

After winning in 2014 by less than 2,000 votes in the most expensive House race in the country, his race remains closely watched nationwide. Dr. Bera serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He is also the Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

Dr. Bera and his wife Dr. Janine Bera live in Elk Grove, CA with their daughter Sydra.

Click here to read Rep. Bera’s answers to the Official End Citizens United PAC Candidate Questionnaire.

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"Citizens United undermines our nation’s democratic process by allowing unlimited corporate money to influence elections without checks or tracking. I was deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision and I support states undertaking the amendment ratification process to undo it. ... I am a cosponsor of H J Res 22, the Democracy for All Amendment, to reverse the Citizens United decision and allow Congress to enact responsible reforms to our campaign finance system." - Suzanne Bonamici