Angie Craig


Candidate for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District

Ms. Craig is a proud supporter of a constitutional amendment that would undo the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Growing up in a trailer park, Angie Craig didn’t expect to end up as an executive at a Fortune 500 company, or running for Congress, but her life experience did teach her that hard work and a good education could lead to a better life. Angie watched as her mother raised three kids, all while working and going to school. It took ten years, but Angie’s mom never gave up; she earned her college degree and became a public school teacher.

With that kind of example, it’s no surprise that Angie, her brother and sister were expected to go to college, no matter the obstacles. By working two jobs, and with help from student loans and her father, Angie graduated from the University of Memphis. Since then, Angie Craig has been a journalist and risen through the ranks at two companies, including St. Paul based Fortune 500 healthcare company, St. Jude Medical.

Over the past decade at St. Jude Medical, Angie’s responsibilities have included health policy, media relations, corporate communications, and government relations. She led the company’s Global Human Resources group over the past four years, where she helped create jobs in Minnesota and build a program that led to more women in management.

Angie Craig is running for Congress to make sure that all families have a path to create a success story like her family achieved. From high quality public education and affordable college to creating meaningful, good paying jobs, Angie Craig knows what it will take to restore the American Dream for the next generation.

Angie and her wife Cheryl Greene live in Eagan. Cheryl taught middle school for over 20 years and now trains teachers and administrators on how to prevent bullying and create safe and welcoming schools for all students. Angie and Cheryl have four boys, Josh, 18, Jonas, 18, Jacob, 17 and Isaac, 13.

In addition to working and helping to raise four boys, Angie has been actively involved in the Twin Cities community over the past decade. She is a member of the Eagan Rotary and board member of Open Arms of Minnesota. She served as precinct chair in Senate District 51 for the Democratic-Farmer Labor Party (DFL), and previously served on the boards of womenwinning, the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Life Science Alley and the Twin Cities American Heart Association (AHA). She also served as chairwoman of the Twin Cities Go Red campaign and the Advancing Sciences Breakfast for the AHA.

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