Archie Parnell

South Carolina

“I’m thrilled to have the endorsement of End Citizens United. ECU has carried the banner on campaign finance reform and fighting to end the rigged system in Washington. For too long politicians have been in the pockets of special interests, and as Congressman, I promise to be an independent voice for South Carolina.”

Archie was raised in South Carolina by a military family that taught him the value of hard work. After getting both his bachelor’s and his law degree from the University of South Carolina, he went to work at the Department of Justice and the House Ways and Means Committee. Archie will take his wealth of experience to Congress to best represent South Carolina’s 5th district and demand transparency from the current administration. A firm believer in redesigning the tax code to stop companies from unfairly hiding profits overseas, Archie will ensure corporations never get a better deal than real people.

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