Betsy Rader


Candidate for Ohio's 14th Congressional District

Betsy Rader is a lifelong Ohioan, the daughter of a game warden and a homemaker. Thanks to scholarships, and working nights and weekends, Betsy was able to attend The Ohio State University and later Yale Law School. Betsy has spent her career as a civil rights lawyer, fighting every day for the rights of those who face discrimination in the workplace. Betsy has served as director of a county advocacy program for abused children, practiced as Senior Counsel at the Cleveland Clinic, and recently worked for Medicare and Medicaid helping to design cost-effective, high quality care for patients.

Betsy is running for office because she believes that this moment is a critical turning point, a moment in which we all must do everything we can to put our country on the right track. She knows that dark money groups and shady special interests have far too much influence in government, where they use untoward amounts of money to write rules which benefit only themselves. We’re excited to back Betsy because we know she fights to ensure that every individual American voice rings out over the roaring, raging rapids of free-flowing cash.

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