Brendan Kelly


Candidate For Illinois's 12th District


Brendan Kelly’s family did not just preach the value of service of one’s country and community—they lived it. Brendan’s forebears were police officers, firefighters, Air Force electricians, and lifelong public servants in the Department of Defence. He took those family values with him to college, and then as an officer in the Navy—commitments that took him far away from home, but never from the values he learned there. After completing his Navy service, Brendan became the State’s Attorney for St. Clair Country. As State’s Attorney, Brendan took on big banks and big pharmaceutical companies, standing up for families crushed by lack of transparency and the rash of opioid prescriptions motivated by corporate greed. The Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission named Brendan “Southern Illinois Prosecutor of the Year” for his tough, effective work to prosecute crime and his passion for justice.

Brendan sees that the needs of the people are being ignored because politicians are controlled by powerful special interests, big banks and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the people of Southern Illinois. He that believes the people in Southern Illinois and throughout the country are right to be fed up about a system that stopped working for them a generation ago. And so Brendan is going to Congress to fix what is broken, so that the middle class will never again get crushed by a system that is continually rigged to favor those with power and influence so that the middle class can benefit from policies shaped not by the sharp tongues of lobbyists and special interest influencers, but molded by the power of its own voices.

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