Bryan Caforio


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, California's 25th Congressional District

"I support comprehensive campaign finance reform, including: (1) a Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United; (2) increased disclosure requirements for political spending; (3) donation matching so that small dollar donors have a greater voice in the process; and (4) closing the revolving door between federal officials and lobbyists to improve ethics in government." - Bryan Caforio

About Mr. Caforio:

Bryan is a Southern California native committed to fighting for middle class families, children, and seniors. Growing up in a house with two public school teachers and union members, Bryan learned the value of hard work and the benefits that come from a great public education.

Bryan attended and graduated from UCLA, and then Yale Law School, where he helped represent tenants in need. After graduating from Yale, Bryan started his career by going into public service and working for a United States federal judge. For the last seven years, Bryan has practiced as an attorney in Southern California, where he has taken on some of the biggest banks in the world, and won.

Throughout his career, Bryan has seen a system in which far too many banks and corporations take advantage of the customers they’re supposed to serve – either because they know they won’t get caught, or, even worse, because career politicians have written the rules to let the corporate special interests get richer at the expense of the middle class. Bryan is running for Congress to fight against those extreme special interests and stand up for hardworking people in the community.

Bryan lives in Valencia, California, with his wife Lisa, who serves as a Deputy City Attorney in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

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