Charlie Crist


Former Governor of Florida and Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Florida's 13th Congressional District

"In Congress, one of the first bills I would co-sponsor is H.J. Res. 22 - The Democracy for All Amendment sponsored by fellow Floridian, Rep. Ted Deutch. The amendment to our constitution would end the damaging effects of the Citizens United, McCutcheon, Buckley v. Valeo and other court decisions that harm the integrity of American elections." - Charlie Crist

About Governor Crist:

Charlie Crist has dedicated his life to serving Pinellas County and the State of Florida, including serving as Florida’s Attorney General and the 44th Governor of the State of Florida.

As Governor of Florida, instead of playing politics, Charlie Crist helped save thousands of jobs and led the state out of the great recession by cutting taxes, supporting President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package, and reining in wasteful spending.

He enraged partisan Republicans by acknowledging the dangers of climate change, extending voting hours during the 2008 historic election of Barack Obama, and vetoing anti-choice legislation.

Charlie also guided our state and beach communities through the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, vetoed new burdensome teacher legislation, and restored automatic restoration of civil rights for non-violent ex-felons.

In 2014, Florida Democrats nominated Charlie Crist to be Governor again. During that campaign, Crist was the first major party nominee in Florida history to campaign on legalizing same-sex marriage, and was one of the only high-profile candidates in the country to give a full-throated defense of the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act.

At the urging of friends, family, and neighbors, Governor Crist announced late last year he would run to represent the new Florida Congressional District 13.

Governor Crist, 59, lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Carole.

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Next Candidate

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"As a first time candidate who does not come with a built in network of donors, I am seeing first hand how the influence of money in politics is changing the electoral process. Rather than spending my time out in the community talking to voters and and the issues that matter most in this campaign, I am forced to spend most of my time on the phone, introducing myself to high dollar donors, and raising money for my campaign. While I know that this is a necessary part of the process, I think that the Citizens United ruling is the largest factor contributing to the growing influence of money in politics, and we need to address this problem. Campaigns should be about people and issues, not about money, and as a single mother who does not have the advantages most candidates do, this is an issue I am extremely interested in addressing once I am elected to Congress." - Colleen Deacon