Christina Hartman


Candidate for Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District

Christina Hartman was raised in Lancaster County, PA by hard-working parents and grandparents who taught her the value of hard work, volunteering, and the benefits that entrepreneurship brings to a community. After graduating from college, Christina devoted her career to community advocacy, helping communities around the world strengthen their countries’ democracies through civic education, elections, and youth leadership development.

Now, Christina is ready to harness her passion in the service of her Lancaster home. She will use her skills and wide-ranging experience to ensure that the voices of her own community, and not the honeyed words of moneyed corporate donors, are heard in the chambers of our own democracy. “As long as as individuals and corporations can spend unlimited amounts of dark money, our democracy will be under continuous assault,” Christina says. Christina is going to do what it takes to counteract the disastrous effects of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, and once again get power back in hands of real, everyday people.

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