Claire McCaskill


Candidate for U.S. Senate

A true daughter of Missouri, Claire has dedicated her life to serving her fellow citizens. After finishing law school at the University of Missouri, Claire worked as a prosecutor and was soon elected to the Missouri State Legislature. Later, as State Auditor of Missouri — the government’s top watchdog — Claire worked for nearly a decade to root out fraud and abuse of power in state agencies and organizations. In 2006, Claire became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Missouri.

Over the course of her two terms in office, Claire has proven herself to be a tough prosecutor who is not afraid to battle for what’s right. Claire’s efforts led to the creation of a new Senate panel charged with financial and contracting oversight. As Chairman, Claire led nearly 40 hearings, and launched an even greater number of investigations at dozens of federal departments and agencies, resulting in more than 30 instances of misconduct referred to federal investigators. Following Claire’s resounding reelection in 2012, her oversight panel was expanded and tasked with investigating misconduct at every federal agency. In 2015, Claire was named the top-ranking Democrat on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations — the Senate’s leading oversight panel. Claire has always shined a bright light in the dark corners where shadow donors and special interests thrive. We know that Claire will continue to do what she does best: protect the American people from the invisible web of corporate dollars which holds our government captive.

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