Danny O’Connor


Candidate for Ohio's 12th Congressional District

Danny O’Connor was born and raised in rural Ohio, where the values of service and giving back were instilled within him at an early age. After graduating from Wright State University, Danny spent a year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as a legal advocate helping veterans, immigrants, and families stricken by poverty. Danny aided people who had nowhere else to turn, helping them keep their heat on and get benefits they had earned through military service.. In 2016, Danny was elected to be Franklin County Recorder where he helped make the office work more efficiently for taxpayers and instituted reforms that helped homeowners, veterans, and the homeless.

Danny is a reformer dedicated to fixing what’s broken in our government. Danny understands that unlimited and undisclosed money spent in campaigns poses a dangerous threat to our democracy. Danny will bring leadership and fight for meaningful campaign finance reform and for the interests of the Central Ohio families.

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