Dean Phillips


Candidate for Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District

“I am honored to have the support of End Citizens United in our fight to restore the voice of Coloradan families in our democracy. Corporate special interests have been buying our elections for too long; that is why I am taking the pledge to not accept corporate PAC money for my campaign."

A sixth generation Minnesotan, Dean is a successful, fiscally responsible, socially inclusive entrepreneur. As a business leader, he developed products and practices good for America — from organic spirits to a commitment to pay his employees a living wage. Dean will bring his business experience to Congress, where his strong, independent voice of reason will cut through the clamour of a broken system that prioritizes deep-pocketed interests. Since middle school, Dean has disdained the role of special interest money in campaigns. He fights for a more transparent, decent, and moral government – a government freed from the grip of mega-donors, a government free to serve every American equally.

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