Emily Cain


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Maine's 2nd Congressional District

"As a member of the State Legislature, I led the way on passing a bipartisan law to increase disclosure requirements for legislative and executive branch appointments. I also co-sponsored a Joint Resolution calling on Congress to support an amendment to the Constitution overturning the Citizens United decision, and I still support such an amendment today." - Emily Cain

About Ms. Cain:

Emily Cain has established a decade-long record of outstanding leadership for Maine as a legislator from Penobscot County focused on Maine families and working to grow Maine’s economy. In the Legislature, Emily distinguished herself as a tireless and effective leader for small businesses, students, victims of domestic violence, and working families.

Growing up, her family had to move several times to find economic opportunity. That is what brought her to Maine, where the University of Maine offered her a chance to get a quality education her family could afford.

In Congress, Cain’s number one priority will be to create more economic opportunity for every Maine family by making investments in small businesses, rebuilding our roads and bridges, lowering student debt, opposing unfair trade deals that cost Mainers jobs, and expanding access to workforce training.

“I love Maine. Maine provided tremendous opportunity for my family when I was young, and I want to help make those opportunities – economic, educational, and overall quality of life – a reality for all Mainers, especially as we work together to grow our middle class. I want to make sure we are doing everything possible to strengthen our future as a state.”

Emily is married to Bangor native Danny Williams and works with the Jobs for Maine’s Graduates program. Emily is also a singer and a runner, and together she and Danny enjoy exploring Maine and spending time with family, friends, and their dog, Bartlet.

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