Gretchen Driskell


Candidate for Michigan's 7th Congressional District

Over the course of her lifetime, Gretchen Driskell has been a public accountant, a real estate agent, a city council member, a mother, a grandmother, a mayor, and a state representative. Whatever her job title, Gretchen has always been guided by the lessons she learned from her parents and grandparents: that we have an obligation to give back to our community, and that the most valuable things in life are always worth standing up for. Gretchen knows that it is past time for every hard working American to have a chance to succeed—not just those with money and power. Gretchen is running for Congress because she believes that her neighbors deserve a voice that truly represents them. We know that Gretchen will do all that it takes to unrig the system in Washington and get government working in the interest of industrious, ordinary Americans once again.

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