Jay Hulings


Candidate for Texas's 23rd Congressional District

A proud Texas native, Jay Hulings has spent his career fighting to keep America honest. After graduating with a degree from Harvard Law School, Jay went to work as a former federal prosecutor in Del Rio and San Antonio, Texas, where he specialized in public corruption, national security, and organized crime prosecutions. Jay has led multiple counter-terrorism and counter-espionage investigations, and conducted successful drug, human smuggling, and organized crime prosecutions. Jay has also served in the US House of Representatives as Counsel to the House Intelligence Committee under Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), leading oversight of covert actions and intelligence gathering operations. He lives with his wife, Elysia, and their son, John.  

Jay has devoted his life to upholding the law, and he’ll be an important force for good in Washington, where politicians write the rules to benefit themselves and their big donors. As he’s said himself, “We must take immediate steps to make sure our system is cleaner, more representative, and isn’t beholden to whoever writes the biggest checks.” Jay will bring his experience and expertise to the floor of Congress, where he’ll stand up and speak out on behalf of all the little guys that Washington, and its mega-donors, continually leave behind.

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