Jerry McNerney


U.S. Representative, California’s 9th Congressional District

About Representative McNerney:

Jerry was sworn into office on January 4, 2007. He is proud to represent California’s 9th District, which includes a large portion of San Joaquin County in the Central Valley as well as parts of Contra Costa and Sacramento Counties.

Jerry is a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he is working to combat climate change and ensure a clean energy future for our country.  As the only renewable energy expert in Congress, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Washington.  Jerry has a PhD in mathematics and spent over two decades developing renewable energy technologies. He is the author of three major bills passed by the House of Representatives that will help train the next generation for green jobs, increase the efficiency of our electrical grid, and invest in infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Earlier in the year, Jerry introduced a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would significantly change the way political campaigns are financed. The amendment would allow contributions to candidates primarily from individuals who are eligible to vote in the election in which that candidate is involved. No contribution or spending by non-individuals of any kind would be permitted.  

Jerry also serves on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and is proud to work to make sure our veterans get the care and benefits they’ve earned. His seat on the committee will also give him an opportunity to work on improving oversight of VA construction projects. He also wrote and passed a new law that will improve care for service members returning home with traumatic brain injuries, which unfortunately are the signature wounds currently affecting our troops overseas.

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