Jon Ossoff


Candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional District

"I believe passionately in integrity and transparency in government. I will use my real-world experience to root out and expose corruption and fraud in Washington, and introduce legislation to reform campaign finance laws, reduce the toxic and corrupt impact of money in politics and work to overturn Citizens United -- a terrible decision allowing unchecked, anonymous money in politics."

Jon Ossoff was born and raised in Georgia and grew up in the Sixth District.

Today, he leads a company that investigates corrupt politicians and organized crime.

His team has taken down human traffickers, exposed dozens of corrupt officials around the world, and uncovered atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq.

Previously, he was a senior national security staffer in the U.S. Congress, working with our military and intelligence community to keep Georgians safe while investigating wrongdoing by government contractors.

Jon’s committed to introducing legislation to reform campaign finance laws and reduce the toxic and corrupt impact of money in politics. He is opposed to the Citizens United decision allowing unchecked, anonymous money in politics.

Ossoff received his bachelor’s at Georgetown and his master’s at the London School of Economics.

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