Julia Brownley


U.S. Representative, California’s 26th Congressional District

“I have been a long time advocate for campaign finance reform, transparency and a fairer system that reduces the role that corporations and SuperPACs play in our electoral campaigns. … A handful of wealthy individual and corporations should not control our democracy. I was the first to carry the California Disclose Act in the California Legislature.” – Julia Brownley

About Representative Brownley:

Julia Brownley is running to represent California’s 26th District in Congress because she believes the people of Ventura County deserve a strong economy with good paying jobs, access to quality affordable health care and a first class education system to prepare our children to compete in a global economy. Since being elected to the State Assembly in 2006, Brownley has delivered for Ventura County. Her accomplishments on behalf of the county’s residents include bringing significant funding for technical job training to the California State University Channel Islands to get people back to work and leading the effort to clean up toxic waste from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory to keep our families healthy and safe.

Brownley has also dedicated her life to improving our schools, colleges and universities. Julia first became involved in education when she joined the PTA to improve the local school her daughter Hannah and her son Fred were attending. Julia went on to run for School Board because she thought our schools could do better for all kids. As a School Board President and one of California’s leading education advocates, Julia helped increase student performance in local schools, fought to cut administrative spending to put more resources in the classroom, gave schools more local control and pushed to make sure every student has a quality teacher.

Brownley believes it is a moral and economic imperative that we fix our broken health care system and ensure access to affordable, quality health care for all Californians. In the State Assembly, Julia fought to regulate health insurance companies so they can’t hike up premiums on consumers without approval from the state’s Insurance Commissioner.

An effective advocate for women, Brownley is a leader in preventing domestic violence, strongly supports a woman’s right to choose, and will fight to make sure health insurance companies cover contraception, prenatal and preventive care for everyone.

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