Kara Eastman


Candidate for Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District


Kara Eastman is a nonprofit founder and lifelong public servant. Kara founded The Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, a lead poisoning prevention organization. Today, it is a nationally recognized and award-winning non-profit, raising more than $13 million to support green, safe, and healthy housing in Omaha. In 2014, Kara was elected to be on the Board of Governors of Metropolitan Community College. In this role, she has been able to strengthen the college’s non-discrimination policies, develop contractor-training programs that created jobs in the community, and lead the initiative to ban tobacco use on all campuses.

Kara knows that unlimited and unregulated money in politics is dangerous to our democracy. In Congress, Kara will fight to give a voice to those who have been ignored by Washington’s rigged system.

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