Kathy Manning

North Carolina

Candidate for North Carolina's 13th Congressional District


A business person, community leader and attorney, Kathy Manning has spent the last 30 years bringing people together to solve problems in our community, making it a better place for all of us. After graduating from Harvard University and the University of Michigan Law School, Kathy moved with her husband to his hometown of Greensboro, NC in 1987, where they have raised their three children.

As the first woman to lead one of the largest charitable organizations in the world, Kathy worked to provide job retraining, mortgage assistance, food and healthcare for people thrown out of work by the Great Recession. She has worked to provide school readiness programs for underprivileged children, make college more affordable for local high school students, and to help retired North Carolinians live with dignity. As a representative, Kathy will bring her record of getting things done to a broken Washington to make it work for all Americans — not just the one’s with the biggest checks.

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