Ken Harbaugh


Candidate for Ohio's 7th Congressional District

Ken Harbaugh has spent a lifetime in service to his country. He grew up in a military family, the son and grandson of Air Force combat pilots. When it was his turn, Ken joined the Navy, and led reconnaissance missions in the Middle East and off of North Korea. Like his father and grandfather before him, Ken learned that duty and honor are not just words. They are promises. After leaving the military, Ken stayed true to his ideals. He became a leading advocate for military veterans, most recently serving as President of Team Rubicon Global, an aid organization that has trained more than 45,000 military veterans to deploy to natural disasters in the U.S. and around the world.

Ken has always put his country first. Ken is not a politician—he’s a problem-solver. Just as he led teams to respond to natural disasters like tornadoes and typhoons, he is ready to take on the tsunami of dark money that has swamped our government in the years since the disastrous effects of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United. We know that Ken can get things done in a crisis, and we trust him to lead the fight to effect commonsense campaign finance reform in Washington.

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