Lon Johnson


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Michigan's 1st Congressional District

"If elected to Congress, I will support meaningful efforts to reform our campaign finance system. I believe in the power of transparency in political activity. Secrecy has no place in our electoral process." - Lon Johnson

About Mr. Johnson:

Work hard. Play by the rules. Never give up.

These values I learned growing up in a family with five generations of Northern Michigan history. They guided me as I became one of the first in my family to graduate from college, during my civilian service in Iraq in 2005, and throughout my work investing in, and growing, US manufacturing businesses.

Now, I will take those values to Congress to:

* Create a U.P. and a Northern Michigan where our families can stay and succeed.
* Keep the U.P. and Northern Michigan both beautiful and profitable.
* Rebuild our government to become as hardworking and honest as the people who pay for it.

We can do this by investing in and protecting our three greatest resources: our people, our land, and our Great Lakes.

I am 44, married to Julianna Smoot, and live in Kalkaska County. Please join with me to help move the U.P. and Northern Michigan forward.

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