Michael Bennet


U.S. Senator, Colorado

“Reforming our campaign finance system is of the utmost importance. The longer we allow special interests and dark money to corrode our elections process, the more we disable the voices of ordinary Americans. I have repeatedly cosponsored the DISCLOSE Act and constitutional amendments that would undo Citizens United because I believe these are strong, commonsense solutions for getting our democracy back on track.” – Michael Bennet

About Senator Bennet:

A successful businessman and school superintendent, Michael Bennet is an independent voice who will work with anyone – Democrat or Republican – in order to get things done for Colorado and grow our middle class. As Colorado’s Senator, Michael is known as a pragmatic leader and someone who can forge bipartisan agreements on even the most contentious issues.

His desire to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate is deeply rooted in a moral obligation to leave this country a better place for his kids and the next generation of Americans.

Michael is fighting to strengthen the middle class by building the most innovative economy in the world. He recognizes it will be new businesses and industries that create 21st-century jobs and raise wages. That’s why he’s working to create an environment in which innovators and entrepreneurs can thrive by modernizing our tax code, cutting bureaucracy and red tape, and making government more effective, accountable, and accessible.

He understands the most crucial step we can take for our future is providing all kids with an opportunity to receive a quality education that prepares them to compete in tomorrow’s economy, and he wants to make college more affordable for every Coloradan.

And Michael wants to level the playing field for Colorado workers and invest more in our economy here at home. These are the kinds of commonsense priorities we can all agree on.

After spending most of his career outside of politics, Michael has worked against Washington dysfunction. From manufactured crises to government shutdowns forced by the House of Representatives, there is little doubt Washington is broken. But despite the partisan rancor on Capitol Hill, Michael has worked hard to cut through the partisanship and be an effective advocate for Colorado instead.

As a member of the “Gang of Eight” – four Democrats and four Republicans – Michael was instrumental in crafting a compromise to fix our broken immigration system.

Michael has also made the environment and protecting Colorado’s wild lands a priority. He passed a bill to protect the Hermosa Creek Watershed – one of only a handful of wilderness bills to pass Congress in the past six years. And he led the fight to designate Chimney Rock near Pagosa Springs a national monument.

And when the Obama administration cancelled NASA’s ORION project, which employs 1,000 Coloradans at 22 companies across our state – Michael went to work and convinced the administration to reverse its decision and protect those jobs.

Whether it is lifting federal restrictions that were stifling our aerospace or bioscience industries, bringing more certainty to our wind energy sector, coordinating the state’s efforts to establish a regional U.S. Patent Office in Colorado, protecting Western priorities in the farm bill, or helping launch a mentorship and support network for local companies with potential for high growth, Michael Bennet has delivered real results to grow Colorado’s economy.

Michael Bennet is accustomed to leading during difficult times. As Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Michael worked with teachers, parents, students, and school administrators to end the cycles of budget cuts and underachievement plaguing the district. He took a commonsense approach to leading the district — holding daily meetings with principals and faculty.

The pragmatic approach was successful: The district enacted a nationally recognized merit pay system, streamlined the budget, and supported innovation in schools. Today, Denver is one of the top-performing school districts in the state, and graduation rates have increased. The district has had the funding it needs to expand its early childhood education and full-day kindergarten programs.

Michael has also led difficult turnarounds in the private sector. Before going to work for the City of Denver, he served as the Managing Director of the Anschutz Investment Company, where he helped turn around failing companies and protected jobs.

Michael Bennet is married to Susan Daggett, a natural resources attorney, and has three daughters: Caroline 15, Halina 14, and Anne 10.

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