Morgan Carroll


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado’s 6th Congressional District

"I disagree with the line of cases that equated money with First Amendment speech and corporations as people. It was legally wrong with consequences that wealthy corporations have more influence and 'rights' than real people in elections. ...In Colorado I carried and passed lobbying reforms, Citizens United campaign transparency, and disclosure requirements for 527s." - Morgan Carroll

About Ms. Carroll:

Making government more efficient and transparent, lowering healthcare premiums to put more money in the pockets of hardworking Coloradans, taking on lobbyists and special interests – many people said it couldn’t be done. Others said it wasn’t worth the fight. Morgan Carroll saw things differently, and she proved the naysayers wrong by bringing people together to deliver results.

A lifelong Coloradan, Morgan has devoted herself to community and family. Morgan’s grandparents were homesteaders, raised during the Great Depression. Her mother attended Aurora High School and went on to become a pioneering woman in law. Her father, a Colorado native, was a relentless advocate and attorney.

After high school, Morgan spent years working at a gas station, a video store, and as an office secretary – all without benefits and health insurance – to pay the bills and put herself through CU Denver and CU School of Law. Along the way, Morgan lost her father to Parkinson’s disease and saw firsthand how quickly a lifetime of retirement savings can be erased by medical bills, an experience that deepened her commitment to standing up for Colorado’s middle class families.

Following law school, Morgan and her mother opened up one of the only mother-daughter law firms in the country. Together they advocated for people with disabilities and people whose legal rights were being threatened.

Seeing a need for creative solutions and new energy, Morgan took her fight to the Colorado House of Representatives and then to the State Senate. During her two terms in the Senate, Morgan was chosen by her colleagues to be Caucus Chair and Majority Leader. In 2013, she became only the second woman in Colorado history to be selected President of the Colorado Senate.

Morgan has been commended for her ability to bring people together to deliver results for hardworking Coloradans. Her successes include lowering healthcare costs, supporting small businesses to create good paying jobs, securing affordable housing for our troops, and creating the Military Family Relief Fund to help families experiencing hardship as a result of deployment – among many others. In one of her most impressive accomplishments, she took on the entire Colorado lobbying industry to pass tough new rules limiting the influence that the well-connected and well-funded have over our government. Keeping her commitment to responsive and efficient government, Morgan has held 200 town hall meetings and conducted numerous audits to identify and eliminate government waste.

Now, Morgan is taking on a broken Congress that’s rigged against hardworking families. There’s no doubt it’s going to be her greatest challenge yet. But if the fight was easy, it wouldn’t be for Morgan. She’s never backed down, never will.

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