Pete Aguilar


U.S. Representative, California’s 31st Congressional District

“I strongly support getting rid of dark money from politics and I have been actively campaigning on the need to overturn Citizens United to reduce the influence of of special interests. Under my leadership as Mayor, the city of Redlands, California was the first city in San Bernardino County to issue a resolution advocating for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.” – Pete Aguilar

About Representative Aguilar:

I’m a husband, father, small business owner and Mayor of Redlands.

I’m running for Congress because Washington politicians are failing the middle class. They’re failing every one of us.

Our residents face unemployment rates that are among the highest in the nation.  Countless businesses have closed their doors. Our schools struggle with fewer resources to educate our kids, and working families struggle every day to put gas in their cars and groceries on the table.

I understand the struggles of our region.

I grew up in a working class family in San Bernardino. My dad was a union worker for a local utility company and my first job was working with my grandfather bussing tables. I worked two jobs in college, and with the help of Pell Grants, I was able to get a college education.

I’m running for Congress because I want to make sure every Inland Empire resident is afforded the same opportunities to climb the ladder into the middle-class and achieve the American Dream.

That’s what we need in Congress – a leader who will fight every day to create jobs, stand up for students, seniors and veterans, and make sure our economy works for everyone, not just the top one percent.

As Mayor, I’ve worked across party lines to bring people together to deliver results to support the middle-class – investing in our infrastructure and starting a loan program for small business start-ups to create good-paying jobs for our residents and to grow our economy.

By working together, we’ve delivered real progressive results for our communities, like supporting a gun buyback program that took over 300 guns off our city’s streets, including 10 assault weapons, and passing a Climate Action Plan to reduce air pollution and improve our environment.

We can accomplish so much by working together, and that’s the type of fresh approach to public service I will bring to Congress to serve San Bernardino County.

The Inland Empire is at a crossroads, but we have an opportunity to elect a leader who will fight for the middle-class by helping create jobs, improve our schools, protect our seniors and stand up for our veterans.

I’m ready to lead that fight, and with your support, we can chart a new course for the Inland Empire.

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