Rick Nolan


U.S. Representative, Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District

“I just introduced our Restore Democracy Resolution (H.Res. 311). This resolution confirms that money is not free speech by making it clear that corporations are not people, sets limits on the amount of money that can be spent on Federal campaigns, provides for public financing of elections, limits campaign advertising to 60 days before an election and prohibits candidates from soliciting or collecting campaign contributions during legislative sessions, protects the constitutional right to vote by expanding online voter registration, ends gerrymandering and restores regular order by requiring bills to go through the committee process and come to the floor under an open rule.” – Rick Nolan

About Representative Nolan:

First elected to Congress in 1974, Rick Nolan returned to Capitol Hill after nearly three decades away from Washington, D.C. Nolan’s first stint in Congress lasted between 1975 and 1980, and since 2012, Nolan has represented Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. Congressman Nolan sits on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure as well as the House Agriculture Committee.

Nolan has over 30 years of business experience. He was owner and CEO of Emily Forest Products, a sawmill and pallet manufacturer in Emily which planted over 100,000 trees. In the community, Congressman Nolan has proven to be a dedicated public servant. He served as president of Central Lakes College Foundation raising scholarship money for economically disadvantaged students of all ages and was a lecturer for Initiative Foundation on Serving in Public Office. Rick and his wife, Mary, have been married for 27 years.

In 2014, Nolan won a fiercely competitive election against Republican challenger Stewart Mills, who is returning for another bid in the 2016 cycle.

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"I am very much in support of a constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United. While amending the constitution is not something to be taken lightly, the negative effects of Citizens United could never have been fully anticipated by the founders of our country. It is imperative that we restore the power of Congress and the States to regulate campaign finances." - Tom O'Halleran