Seth Moulton


U.S. Representative, Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District

Rep. Moulton is a proud supporter of a constitutional amendment that would undo the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Seth Moulton is a progressive Democrat and Iraq War veteran fighting to bring real change to Washington. Seth believes we need a new generation of leaders to fix Congress and actually get things done: raise the minimum wage, achieve pay equity for women, strengthen gun control, protect Social Security and Medicare, and invest in job training.

Seth believes we need more service-oriented leaders in Washington who will put the people first. Following the words of his mentor, the late Rev. Peter Gomes, “Believing in the right thing is not good enough… you ought to go do it,” Seth’s career has been one of service. A Salem resident, Seth attended Marblehead public schools, Phillips Academy Andover, and Harvard College. Seth spent his summers throughout high school and college repairing boats and working on a shortline railroad in New Hampshire to help pay for school. As the student commencement speaker at his college graduation, Seth challenged his classmates to join him in committing to service.

Following his graduation, Seth joined the Marine Corps in 2001. Although Seth disagreed with the Iraq War, Seth served his country and led his platoon — eventually serving four tours of duty in Iraq over five years. Seth led an infantry platoon during the 2003 invasion and was in the first Marine company to enter Baghdad. Later, he worked to establish an independent Iraqi media. The following year, Seth returned to Iraq as an infantry platoon commander and fought in the lead company in the Battle of Najaf. At the request of then-Lieutenant General David Petraeus, Seth remained in Iraq and joined a small team of Marines working closely with Iraqi security forces and served as a liaison to senior Iraqi leaders south of Baghdad.

As a veteran, Seth knows the importance of ensuring our nation’s veterans have the health care and mental health services they deserve. Seth will fight to protect veterans’ health and defend Medicare and Social Security.

After completing his final tour in the Marines, Seth earned an MPA from the John F. Kennedy School of Government and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Pursuing his interest in transportation and infrastructure, Seth served as managing director of Texas Central Railway, a company building a high-speed rail line between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. After supervising preliminary engineering and planning of the 240-mile railroad, Seth returned home to the North Shore of Massachusetts to start his own business.

In Congress, Seth will continue the efforts to create jobs and improve our infrastructure he began in the private sector by cracking down on unfair foreign trade practices and ensuring investment in the industries of the future, such as clean energy, information technology, and biotechnology.

Today, Seth lives in Salem, where he serves on the Board of the Salem YMCA. In Congress, Seth will continue fighting for our communities to protect our kids, stand up for equal rights and equal pay for women, and expand and protect gay rights.

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