Shot/Chaser: Citizens United Endorses Rosendale, Finds an Ally to Keep the System Rigged

December 12, 2017

Shot: Matt Rosendale supports keeping the system rigged in Washington where politicians put their donors’ needs ahead of Montana families. A tool of the big money special interests, he’s a staunch supporter of the Citizens United decision, opposes transparency, and supports unlimited special interest spending. Rosendale said Citizens United was a “positive” decision Rosendale opposed a constitutional amendment following the Citizens Uniteddecision. […]


ECU Statement on House GOP Gun Bill

December 6, 2017

Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United, released the following statement on the 231-198 passage of the Republican-led House bill that allows gun owners with permits to carry concealed weapons across state lines. Fifteen House members of ECU’s Big Money 20 voted yes for the bill, which the NRA called its “highest legislative priority.” These 15 Big […]