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Our democracy is on the line. Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination represents a continuation of the Big Money takeover of our democracy. Click to email your senators to tell them vote NO!

During Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination hearing, senators repeatedly questioned his position on money in politics.  Instead of taking a definitive stance against the unlimited, undisclosed money that is pouring into our elections, Judge Gorsuch dodged the questions.  All we are left with is his record, which indicates that he will not stand with the American people.

Gorsuch believes that corporations are people

  • In the Hobby Lobby v Sebelius case, Judge Gorsuch supported the ruling which equated corporations with people. A similar ruling equating corporate rights to people’s rights in the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case led to unlimited and anonymous spending in our elections and outsized influence for corporate special interests.

Gorsuch refused to denounce Big Money

  • Gorsuch was given several opportunities during his hearings to tell the American people that he’s against Big Money in politics – instead he dodged the questions.

Gorsuch is out of touch

  • Nationwide, Americans believe that the amount of money that corporations and the wealthy spend on political campaigns impacts their families.
  • After watching a record $1.5 billion – mostly from unlimited and undisclosed money – spent in the 2016 election, voters want a change. We don’t want to double down on a system that caters to the wealthy and special interests.

Gorsuch should not be confirmed

  • If the U.S. Senate confirms Gorsuch, it would mean more money and less transparency in our politics – the exact opposite of what American families want.