Hold Trump Accountable

During the campaign, Donald Trump railed against the outsized role of money in politics and promised to drain the swamp. Now, he’s appointing some of the worst abusers of the system to his administration and every indication is that will oppose popular, common sense campaign finance reforms.

Our Hold Trump Accountable initiative will push the Trump administration to clean up the system. We will oppose any efforts to dismantle our remaining campaign finance rules; push back on Trump’s nominees who have a history of skirting and weakening campaign finance laws; and expose Trump’s hypocrisies to make sure voters are aware of his actions.


“The overwhelming majority of Americans – across all political ideologies – agree that there’s too much money in politics. President-elect Trump called the system rigged and claimed that he would fix it. If he doesn’t follow through, there will be a price to pay.”

-Tiffany Muller, ECU Executive Director



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