Exposing National Outside Money Organizations

This year, Republicans will spend millions of dollars on our elections — much of which will be through organizations created to circumvent rules requiring donor transparency and limiting the amount of money any one donor can give.

“Dark money” groups are organizations that do not disclose the identities of their donors, keeping their sources of funding in the dark. Dark money spending is disproportionately conducted to benefit Republicans.

Super PACs may accept unlimited amounts of money. Super PACs are required to disclose their donors, though some donors have taken steps to obscure their identity by contributing through shell corporations.

Find more information about each of the groups below by clicking on the group’s name. The Research Team at End Citizens United will work throughout the election cycle to shine a light on Republican outside money organizations, so check back often for updates. For information on state-level spending, click here.

Dark Money Groups


Super PACs and 527 Groups