Ann Wagner

Ann Wagner Opposes Basic Protections Against Corruption and Voter Suppression

  • Wagner voted against the For the People Act, the most sweeping anti-corruption, voting rights and ethics reform bill in a generation.
  • She also worked to protect dark money by voting to block the Treasury Department from requiring candidates to disclose key information on donations from tax-exempt groups.
  • She voted against the SHIELD Act, which would expand disclosure requirements for political ads and protect against foreign influence in our elections.
  • Wagner voted against the Voting Rights Advancement Act that would have protected millions of Americans from voter suppression. The bill passed without her support.
  • She also voted against the HEROES Act, which aimed to provide broad federal assistance in the wake of COVID-19. Although it passed without Wagner’s support, she voted against protections for unemployment, Coronavirus relief, and provisions to protect voters while casting their ballots during the pandemic.

Ann Wagner Fights for Corporate Special Interests, Not Missouri Families

  • Wagner has pocketed over $3.7 million from corporate PACs throughout her career.
  • While she fought against the Labor Department over rules that would protect customers from being taken advantage of by their financial advisors — which would have saved consumers up to $17 billion in unnecessary fees — Wagner took over $600,000 from corporate PACs in the financial industry.
  • While opposing efforts to reduce prescription drug costs and repeatedly attempting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Wagner took $472,000 from corporate PACs in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  • While voting against Net Neutrality and provisions to protect consumers from companies selling user data without their consent, Wagner took over $200,000 from corporate PACs in the Telecom and Tech industries.
  • While rejecting the Paris Climate Agreement and supporting offshore drilling, Wagner has taken $195,000 from fossil fuel companies.
  • While opposing universal background checks and preventing the severely mentally ill from purchasing guns, Wagner took money from the NRA.

Ann Wagner Is a Professional Fundraiser Deep In Washington’s Pocket

  • Wagner was the Chairwoman of the Missouri Republican Party before her fundraising efforts for George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, which earned her an ambassadorship to the country of Luxembourg — a post typically filled by top fundraisers.
  • When she returned from her stint in Luxembourg, Wagner held a campaign chair position for Missouri Sen. Blunt’s campaign in 2010, followed by a bid to be the RNC Chair.
  • For the 2016 election cycle, Wagner was selected to run fundraising efforts for the NRCC, deepening herself inside Washington’s pocket.