Abby Finkenauer


Candidate for Iowa's 1st Congressional District

The daughter of a Union Pipefitter Welder and a schoolteacher, Abby Finkenauer grew up in a blue-collar family in Dubuque County, Iowa. Along with her older siblings, she became a part of the first generation of her family to graduate from college. In 2014, Abby was elected to represent Dubuque in the Iowa Legislature, where she is known as a staunch defender of working families and a vocal advocate for women.

As government and policy decisions have made it more difficult each year for working Iowans to get ahead, Abby has been on the front lines fighting back and making sure hardworking Iowans have a voice and a vote. Abby knows that comprehensive campaign finance reform is essential to ensuring that the needs of Iowa’s families are not ignored amid the clamor of Big Money donors and powerful special interests. “It’s long past time we clean up our campaign finance system and get big money out of politics so we can restore the influence of working Americans,” Abby says. “The future of Iowa and our country depends on it.”

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