Angie Craig


Candidate for Minnesota's 2nd District

Angie Craig grew up in a family with lots of love, but also plenty of hardship. Raised by a single mother in a mobile home park, Angie worked two jobs to put herself through state college, with help from student loans. After graduation, she rose over 15 years to eventually lead a workforce of 16,000 employees as head of Global Human Resources for a major Minnesota manufacturer.

Angie isn’t seeking a career in politics. She is asking to serve her community by fighting for good public policy—policy that actually puts people first, for a change. And Angie knows that good policy begins with comprehensive campaign finance reform. She sees that the broken political system works for the special interests, not everyday Minnesotans. Angie will go to Washington to break the stranglehold of Big Money, determined to make America an ever more fair, ever more perfect, union.

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