Barbara Lee


Candidate for California's 13th Congressional District

Barbara has represented California’s 13th District since 1998. Born in El Paso, Texas, she worked for years as a community advocate, a small business owner, and a California legislator before she was elected to Congress. Barbara has always been guided by a strong sense of ethics. In 2001, she received national attention as the only Member of Congress to oppose the authorization for the use of military force in the wake of the horrific events on September 11th. Barbara has also long advocated for legislative action to end poverty. In 2013, she became chair of the Democratic Whip Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality and Opportunity. As chair, she leads more than 100 Members of Congress in crafting and advancing legislation to lift millions of American families out of poverty and into the middle class. Barbara speaks out to reform our broken campaign finance system because she believes in the voice of each and every American — especially those whose words don’t float on clouds of cash.

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