Elissa Slotkin


Candidate For Michigan's 8th Congressional District


Elissa Slotkin is a third-generation Michigander, the descendent of immigrants who worked hard to achieve the American Dream. The values of hard work, decency, and integrity that underpinned their success were passed down from generation to generation in her family, ultimately guiding Elissa into a life of service. After the 9/11 attacks, Elissa dedicated herself to our nation’s security. As a Middle East analyst for the CIA, Elissa served three tours in Iraq over a span of five years. Her tours in a combat zone led to various defense and intelligence roles at the White House, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the State Department. But no matter how difficult the issue, the values she learned growing up in Michigan—a straightforward, commonsense approach—helped her succeed as a national security leader. Elissa currently lives at home in Michigan, with her husband, Dave.

Throughout her career, Elissa has seen both the good that can come when leaders put the good of our country over politics—and the bad that arises when politicians choose to ignore their the pleas of their people in favor of the clink of corporate cash. She is running for Congress because she understands that the system is broken in Washington, where politicians write the rules to benefit their special interest donors. Elissa will be a strong and principled leader in the fight to get big money out of our government, and get the system working for middle class Americans once again.  

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