G.K. Butterfield

North Carolina

Candidate for North Carolina's 1st Congressional District

A lifelong resident of eastern North Carolina, G.K. has tirelessly represented North Carolina’s 1st District since 2004. Raised in Wilson, G.K. spent his formative years working in the Civil Rights Movement. After serving on the North Carolina Judiciary for 15 years, G.K. ran for Congress, where he is a champion of affordable health care, education, investments in rural communities, veterans, renewable energies, and federal programs that support low-income and middle-class Americans. G.K. is veteran of the U.S. Army, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and a proud father and grandfather.

G.K. has always stood up for and looked out for everyday Americans. He has seen how the power of the average individual voter has receded even as the power of large corporations and wealthy billionaires has grown exponentially. And so G.K. fights for real campaign finance reform. He fights so that the interests of American families–and not the special interests of Big Money–will once again be Washington’s primary concern.

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