Jared Golden


Candidate for Maine's 2nd Congressional District


Jared was born in Lewiston and raised in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. After the September 11th attacks, he enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry and served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After returning home, Jared was elected to represent Lewiston in the Maine House of Representatives in 2014, and in 2016, was chosen by his peers to serve as the Democratic Assistant Majority Leader. Jared has fought hard for Maine’s middle and working class, a stronger and more just economy, affordable and accessible healthcare, and tougher environmental protections. A staunch advocate for transparency and accountability, Jared qualified as a clean elections candidate when he first ran for the Maine State Legislature. During his time in the legislature, Jared served on the committee that handles Maine’s election laws, and repeatedly defended the state’s clean election system to curb the influence of unlimited and undisclosed special interest money in Maine.

Golden is highlighting his commitment to reform by disavowing support from all secret donors and rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign.

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