Jason Crow


Candidate for Colorado's 6th Congressional District

"Just as I have taken an oath to defend the Constitution as a soldier and a lawyer, I will do so as a member of Congress and work with ECU to overturn Citizens United and fight for campaign finance reform.”


A leader who has always put selfless service above politics, Jason grew up in a working-class home with working-class values that shaped his world-view—values like hard work, honesty, and fairness. The grandson of a bricklayer and son of small business owners, Jason worked minimum-wage jobs during high school and eventually enlisted in the National Guard and worked construction jobs to pay his way through college. In the wake of September 11, determined to pay back the country that he loved, Jason served in the Army’s storied 82nd Airborne Division and in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Since leaving the Army, Jason has practiced law in Colorado and has been an outspoken and results-oriented advocate for his fellow veterans in Colorado and across the country. Jason will stand as a bulwark against the dark tide of dirty money and shadow donors flooding our politics, ensuring that every American has an opportunity to be heard by our government.

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