Joe Cunningham

South Carolina

Candidate for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District

Joe Cunningham is the youngest of five brothers. His father, Bill, was an attorney and lay speaker at the local United Methodist Church. His mother, Paula was a small business owner, which she started from the family’s kitchen table. After years of working as an ocean engineer, Joe moved to South America to learn Spanish, ultimately returning to the United States to what he always felt was his original calling, the practice of law.  

Whether as an ocean engineer or attorney, Joe is devoted to solving problems for the people of South Carolina. And he knows that reforming our broken campaign finance system is a critical first step in America’s journey toward a brighter future. “In the United States of America,” Joe says, “our elections are NOT for sale!” We stand behind Joe as he turns back the tide of dark money in government, and sends a new wave of leadership crashing onto Washington’s shores.

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