Kirsten Gillibrand

New York

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Kirsten Gillibrand is determined to ensure that New Yorkers are getting heard in Washington. Early in her career, Kirsten worked tirelessly as a young attorney to help others and serve her community in any capacity. She accepted an offer to work for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton Administration, but she returned to New York to raise her children and begin planning for her career as an advocate for the state.

In what many considered to be a long-shot, Kirsten launched her first candidacy to be a member of Congress. She was elected on a promise of ethics reform, and she continues to deliver and work toward a government that is open and clearly working to best serve its constituents. Kirsten was the first Member of Congress to post her official daily schedule, personal financial disclosures, and earmark requests online for her constituents.

As a Senator, Kristen has led some of the toughest fights in Washington. She has been an outspoken member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and is the chair of the Armed Services subcommittee on personnel. Senator Gillibrand also is the first New York Senator to join the Senate Agriculture Committee in nearly 40 years, and also sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and Senate Aging Committee.

To every job she’s had, Kirsten Gillibrand has brought her enthusiasm for an open government that works for everyone. Her record of service is distinct, and the example she sets makes it clear that she is interested in serving real people, not just the special interests. Kirsten has championed ethics reform and getting money out of political campaigns. As another affirmation of her commitment to New Yorkers, Kirsten Gillibrand is rejecting all money from any business-affiliated PACs.

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