Kyrsten Sinema


Candidate for U.S. Senate

In the the Arizona where Representative Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) grew up, strong schools and tight-knit communities meant opportunity for future generations. The hard-working middle class could get ahead, and government was there to help ensure that there was opportunity for all who were willing to work hard and play by the rules. Kyrsten believes that families struggling to make ends meet have a right to know who is spending vast sums of secret money to influence politicians and elected officials at the highest levels of government. That is why Kyrsten cosponsored the DISCLOSE Act, which expands election spending disclosures and reforms election and lobbying rules to increase transparency and accountability. Kyrsten continues to be a leader in the struggle to shine a light into the deepest recesses of the ever growing, ever darker, ever more secretive shadow world in which shady donors and special interests thrive — the world that the Supreme Court’s erroneous Citizen’s United decision created.

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