Raul Grijalva


Candidate for Arizona's 3rd Congressional District

Raúl Grijalva is a lifelong public servant who began his career as a community organizer in Tucson. Raúl served on the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board, including six years as Chairman. He was also elected to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, where he served for the next 15 years, chairing the Board for two of those years. Throughout his career, Raúl has always fought for underrepresented voices. The passions that drove him as a School Board member to fight for and succeed at implementing bilingual education in Arizona are the same passions that drive him today as he fights to reform our broken immigration system, ensure livable wages for American workers, and create vital land protections to safeguard our nation’s natural treasures.

Raúl knows that politicians should not be bought by Big Money interests. Raul is committed to supporting meaningful campaign finance reform that will serve the interests of his constituents, not just those with the biggest wallets.

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