Sherrod Brown


Candidate for U.S. Senate


A native to Ohio, Sherrod Brown prides himself on being a progressive force for the people of his home state. Sherrod fights for working-class Ohioans and defends them from corporate interests, standing up against Wall Street during the housing crisis and fighting insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists that threaten healthcare reform. He insisted on affordable healthcare for Ohio, refusing his congressional health insurance plan until affordable insurance was available to his constituents back home.

Brown lives in Cleveland along with his wife. He attended Yale University for his bachelor’s and eventually completed a master of arts in education and a master of public administration at Ohio State University. He has also taught in Ohio public schools and at Ohio State.

A proven record:

Brown saw the effects of money in politics first hand during his 2012 senate election, when he faced more than $40 million spent by outside groups – primarily through Super PACs and dark money organizations. As a co-sponsor of the Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Election – or the Disclose Act – Brown fought back against the avalanche of secret spending in elections and fought to bring transparency to the electoral process. In opposition to Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation, Brown noted that he “…cannot support any nominee who does not recognize that corporations are not people” and voted against Gorsuch whose record suggests strong support for the continuation of unlimited and undisclosed spending in elections.

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