Tom Malinowski

New Jersey

Candidate for New Jersey's 7th Congressional District

Tom Malinowski knows how to fix Washington. He knows that bipartisanship is possible, that there is no substitute for hard work, and most importantly, that America works best when it works for everyone. Growing up as a Polish immigrant seeking refuge from a falling regime, Tom spent his formative years in New Jersey. He went to public school and played baseball, all while searching for ways he could give back to a country that had selflessly given him so much.

Tom’s career of service took him through the Clinton White House and the Obama State Department. He has faithfully served his country but realizes his country is not faithfully serving all of its people. Current campaign finance laws and the Citizens United decision have tilted the scales to favor mega-donors instead of everyday Americans. For Tom, reforming the system means returning power to the people of New Jersey.

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