Veronica Escobar


Candidate for Texas' 16th Congressional District

A native of El Paso, Veronica Escobar has dedicated her life to improving the lives of people in her community. In 2010, the residents of El Paso elected Veronica to serve as county judge; she had previously served one term as a county commissioner. As the chief administrator of the sixth largest county in Texas, Veronica reformed local government to improve efficiency and transparency, eliminate corruption, and ensure its responsiveness to residents’ needs. She played a key role in the establishment of the El Paso County Ethics Commission, the only county commission of its kind in the State of Texas. If elected, Veronica would become the first Latina member of Congress from Texas.

Having dedicated her career to fighting corruption, Veronica knows better than anyone the importance of comprehensive campaign finance reform. Veronica will stand up to the forces of the mega-donors and shady special interests which have been allowed free reign over our democracy. She will stand up and speak, and in speaking ensure that the voices of everyday Texans will no longer be lost amid the maelstrom of money which sweeps the halls of Washington. 

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