Al Gross


An Alaskan ready to fight for his community

Dr. Al Gross is a commercial fisherman, an orthopedic surgeon, and a lifelong Alaskan. His family has deep roots in public service to Alaska, and Al is ready to work across the state to tackle Alaska’s biggest challenges. As a doctor, he has treated patients in all parts of the state and has seen firsthand the prohibitive costs of Alaska’s health care system. And with a background in science, he recognizes the threat that climate change poses to Alaska and to the country.

Fighting the corrosive influence of special interests in his state

Alaska has felt the impact of big money in their elections and public discourse. From out-of-state Super PAC spending in local elections, to the influence of lobbyists and corporate interests in land, oil, and gas development, the people of Alaska need a fighter in Washington who can never be beholden to the special interests. That’s why Al is rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign for Senate. The corrupting and corrosive influence has real-life consequences for Alaskans, and Al will be a strong ally in the U.S. Senate for comprehensive anti-corruption reform.

A chance to flip the Senate

Despite its reputation, Alaska has a history of electing Democrats and Independents to statewide offices. This year, Al will continue that trend, running against Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, who narrowly won election by just a few thousand votes in 2014. Alaska’s political climate remains volatile, and the unpopularity of the current Republican governor could set the stage for an unexpectedly close Senate race.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?