Alyse Galvin


Fighting for all Alaskans

Alyse Galvin is a leader in fighting for Alaska’s future. She grew up in Alaska and watched her family struggle with addiction, mental illness, and abuse. Determined to break the cycle, she started working when she was eight years old, supported herself through college, and returned to Alaska to start her family. Alyse is known around the state for her leadership on fighting education cuts, and founded Great Alaska Schools, a grassroots force of thousands across the state who advocated to restore education funding.

A strong voice to take on corruption

Galvin knows that tackling corruption in Washington is critical to delivering results for Alaska. On the campaign trail, Galvin highlights how corporate special interests have bought off Washington at the expense of Alaska’s struggling economy and health care system. Galvin is refusing corporate PAC money and will be a vocal ally in Congress to take on special interests.

A prime opportunity to oust a symbol of Washington corruption

Galvin is running against 46-year incumbent Don Young, who has been the subject of multiple corruption and ethics investigations by the House Ethics Committee and the FBI. In 2018, Galvin gave Young his closest race in years, and is poised to build on that momentum this cycle. End Citizens United is proud to endorse Alyse and help her flip this seat.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?