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Amy Kennedy


An educator and mental health advocate, fighting for New Jersey

Amy Kennedy was born in Atlantic City, and grew up in Pleasantville and Absecon, New Jersey. She is the Education Director of The Kennedy Forum, and has worked in public schools for over a decade. Kennedy’s experience as a mother of five has in part fueled her advocacy around social-emotional learning and mental health, and she serves on the boards of Mental Health America and Parity.org. In Congress, she will fight to provide South Jersey families with access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, protect workers’ fundamental rights, and respond to the mental health and addiction crisis. Kennedy will work every day to solve the issues facing her district.

Refusing corporate PAC money, and fighting for voting rights

Kennedy knows that in order to get things done in Washington for the families of South Jersey, we need to stop the flow of Big Money in politics and protect everyone’s right to vote. She has released a strong reform agenda that includes passing H.R. 1, the For the People Act, expanding early, vote-by-mail, and same-day voting, and ending partisan gerrymandering. Kennedy will always listen to her voters, and is going to Washington to fight for them –– not for the corporate special interests. Her vote will never be bought.

Removing a Trump loyalist, reclaiming NJ-02 for the people

When incumbent Jeff Van Drew switched parties last year to ally with President Trump, he showed the voters of his district who he was really working for. Now, it’s time to turn this seat blue once again and elect a representative who truly cares for the voters, not for enriching himself. Kennedy isn’t in anyone’s pocket, and will only work for the families of South Jersey.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?