D | CA-01

Audrey Denney


A Californian ready to fight for the North State

Audrey grew up on her family farm and ranch in Central California, where they grew hay and wine grapes, and raised cattle and horses. She served as a California FFA State Officer, was part of a team of National Beef Ambassadors, and taught agriculture at California State University for almost six years.

Determined to take on special interests in Washington

Audrey knows that everyday citizens deserve equal voice in our government, but special interests and corporations are drowning our political process with money and influence. Audrey is rejecting corporate PAC money and federal lobbyist money because it’s time for a new generation of leaders that are accountable to the people of their district, not their wealthy donors.

A district ready to be challenged in 2020

In 2018, Audrey ran a strong campaign in California’s 1st congressional, giving incumbent Republican Doug LaMalfa a closer challenge than he’d faced in years. This cycle, Denney’s campaign is building on that momentum, looking to make this race a top targeted seat and flip the district in 2020.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?