Barbara Bollier


An independent voice for the people of Kansas

Barbara Bollier went into public service in 2010 after a career as a physician, earning a reputation in both the Kansas House of Representatives and in the State Senate as a leader who was willing to stand up to both parties to fix what was broken. Bollier fought for strong public schools, access to affordable healthcare, and balanced budgets. She will bring her independent perspective to Washington, and will continue to fight for what’s right for Kansans.

Committed to reforming our democracy

Bollier recognizes that the special interests have rigged our democracy, making it work for Big Money donors instead of the American people. She supports overturning Citizens United, and will fight for broad ethics reform to clear the corporate money standing in the way of progress on key issues, and to protect all voters’ access to the ballot. Bollier will be a dedicated public servant, and will always be accountable to the people of Kansas.

A tipping point in winning a Democratic majority in the Senate

While Big Money Republicans are enmeshed in a divisive primary for this open seat, Bollier continues to spend every day listening to and working with Kansans. This race is an important part of our path to retaking the Senate, and Bollier has the record to prove she can flip this seat blue. She has always sought to help people and fix the problems facing Kansans, and has never been afraid to stand up to either party; Bollier has what it takes to win this seat, and will bring her commitment to reform to Congress.

Reformer at Risk?

No Corporate PAC?